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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a busy day for president obama. >> the latest from the carnival cruise lines stranded at sea. "good morning washington" at 5 deegan asnelles. -- patchy fog clock begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i'm pamela brown. thanks for joining us on this veterans day. >> i am alison starling. steve rudin is with us again. we hope that you have a day like yesterday. >> just a couple degrees cooler, but nothing to complain about. lots of sunshine today. sunrise around 6:45 this monica. the 40's degrees at reagan national airport quite now on this thursday. wind out of the north-northwest at 7. it is 38 in hagerstown.
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fredericksburg is 45. satellite in motion, and the low clouds to speak of. morning temperatures will be in the 30's-mid 40's. 58-63 this afternoon with slight sunshine. but given the date on the commute. light volume of traffic. no vre service. metrorail operating on a saturday schedule, marc rail on a saturdaholiday schedule. westbound after glebe road on the way to sycamore street on 66, there's light volume through the construction zone near the falls church metro. the petits on 270 is great between 70 and the beltway -- the pace on 270.
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an officer under fire. prince george's county police are looking for a suspect who shot to an off-duty officer on the 8500 block of greenbelt road. courtney robinson has the latest. this stems from an attempted robbery of a police officer. it was a very close call for him. he was not hit, but a bullet hit his jacket. it happened early this morning along greenbelt road. a plainclothes officer was getting out of his personal vehicle, a man approached and demanded his wallet. gunfire and was exchanged. the man fled. police are looking for him still. they are canvassing the area. as a precaution, the officers
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was taken to the hospital. he is ok. escort description of the attempted robber, we don't have one. europe has to call police if you have a information. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. investigators are looking for the dunakin who shot and juvenile in southeast washington last night -- looking for a gunman. the juvenile was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. adrian fenty is leaving office shortly in january with the lowest numbers in decades for homicides. 143 killings, the lowest annual total since 1966.
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there were 123 at this point last year. 115 so far this year yesterday prosecutors dropped attempted sexual assault charges against quinn martin gaundique, but he still faces murder and kidnapping. a forensic experts testified that gary condit's dna was found on her underwear at her apartment, but not at the crime scene. prosecutors rested their case. president obama is meeting with leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies. this is a live picture of the president entering the real oom. mr. obama hopes the leaders can reach an agreement on ways to sustain economic growth. it was a setback as the u.s. and
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zachary chesser have failed to reach a deal on a free-trade agreement -- the u.s. and south korea. the president took some time to march veterans day there. >> now, what the president said forgoes who fought for our freedom recorded "the president the president said to honor those who fought for our freedom. >> president, martin veterans day at a u.s. military base in south korea. he assured them that his administration would care for them when they return.
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praised them for fighting and he celebrated 47,000 u.s. soldiers that died in the korean war. >> 37,000. after three years of fighting, our forces finally succeeded in driving the invaders back over the parallel. one warrior said that he believed it was the greatest of all trials for american troops and their performance was nothing short of miraculous. >> vice president biden will start his day at the finals with a veteran's day breakfast and then go to arlington national cemetery. there will be a wreath laying ceremony later today at the tomb of the unknown. natasha barrett reporting from
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arlington, abc 7 news. we are getting the details about a pentagon study repealing the ban on gays serving openly. troops a report 70% of surveyed say that ending the policy would have a minimal mixed or nonexistent impact. robert gates will formally. thursdayegrees on this mont morning. >> it was country music's time to shine. we will break down the winners from last night's cma awards. >> thousands of cruise ship passengers could be just hours away from dry land. >> q k
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5:10 on a thursday morning, a chilly start. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. 39 in gaithersburg, 44 at reagan national airport. there's nothing going on. high-pressure across the area.
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sunshine today. sunrise at 6:45. sunset before 5:00 this afternoon. look for highs in the upper 50's or low 60's. nighttime in the 30's. 38 in the district. toh temperatures in the 50's low 60's tomorrow. now to lisa baden. traffic on 95 in virginia and maryland, travel times in our favor. also good, the greenway, toll road, 66 out of centreville to the beltway, and 270 at father hurley. there is lingering roadworks at sycamore street on 66. back to you. >> thank you.
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46 degrees on this thursday, 5:11. >> there's a new facebook tool to protect quku. -- you. >> the latest on the kabul crucial, -- carnival cruise ship. >>
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we begin our top stories with breaking news. investigators are searching for the gunman who shot at an off- duty police officer in greenbelt who was trying to rob the officer. they exchanged gunfire. the officer was not injured. president obama has more to veterans day by honoring service
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members. jill biden will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national. government close to deciding whether to try 911 mastermind, -- muhammed, according to the attorney general eric holder. uise ship stranded at sea, the latest developments. >> thousands of people who are passengers and crew members say that a lot of time is spent up on deck because there's no air- conditioning in their rooms since monday. carnival says they could arrive
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in san diego by midday. a fire in the engine room knocked balletomane power to the schickler. knocked out power to the ship. there is rotting food. one thing made passengers happy. when they learned the ship would be going all the way to california instead of mexico, they were cheering. emily schmidt, abc 7 news. >> they will nabhan tuesday pop -- they will never want to eat pop tarts again.
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the pentagon says that the trail in the sky in california likely athis week' was conversation tailcoat from an airplane. british authorities say two male bombs intercepted on their way to the u.s. last month well- designed to explode over the east coast. there were discovered in printer cartridges and one device was found in britain and the other found in dubai. both to synagogues in the chicago area. metro has a report on escalator safety that finds the agency should have paid more attention to the brakes as a safety issue. years of failing to keep up with standards led to the problem. we will have much more in a live
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report, coming up. a facebook sobriety test. and smart phones sales soaring. rob nelson has those stories. >> smart phone sales taking off. 80 million of them compared to a year earlier. sales of telephones android leading. the new york times will begin publishing electronic books by bestseller's early next year. there is a new software to prevent regrets on facebook. preventsty test p users from going encore such websites if they have had too
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much to drink. it is free. i'm rob nelson. 46 degrees. happy to have steve rudin with us because adam caskey is a new father. >> we want to show you a picture of calilou, just shy of 6 pounds, born yesterday morning around 9:37. congratulations on the new addition to your family. >> a little sister. >> that's nice. >> let's talk about the letter. you said its glenn wvpt. >-- ait going to be a repeat. >> 37 degrees in falls church. 44 in upper.
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-- upper northwest d.c. 39 in leesburg, 35 in vacaville, 27 in winchester. in western maryland, low 30's. warmer temperatures in annapolis at 48. high-pressure is a lot across the region, bringing clear skies. a beautiful sunrise at 6:45. morning temperatures in the 30's and 40's. upper 50s-low 60's this afternoon. mainly clear skies tonight will allow temperatures to drop quickly. 30 degrees and the mountains, 38 in the district. upper 50's-low to mid 60's.
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we will keep sunshine in the forecast saturday and sunday. the next best chance of showers is tuesday with 30%. highs around 60 degrees then. nighttime lows well above freezing for most of the area for the next seven days. now to lisa baden. the traffic looks good. hov is lifted except for the john hanson highway traffic, about 50. north side of the beltway at university boulevard, overnight construction is gone. 95 looks good northbound and southbound at springfield. 46 degrees. >> two of the best basketball players from china. >> john wall, the rookie from
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the wizards stole the show. >> today on "oprah," marie osmond speaks about the loss of her son, michael. today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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look at that. charleston's basketball team was looking to make history with a
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defeat of the maryland. one. . >> howard was the game-winner. >> now tim brant. >> bruce allen spoke about donovan mcnabb. there's been speculation about his job. as donovan mcnabb prepares, the general manager tried to dispel rumors about his future. >> donovan mcnabb will be with us several years. he is a great leader for the team. he is performing well. he is helping this team get better each week. >> the wizards head coach flip saunders, magic johnson
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spokesm to the team. john wall had 19 points, 13 assists and a triple double. the wizards beat the rockets, 98-91. have a great day, everybody. 46 degrees, 5:26. >> still ahead, digging the nation and a lot of debt, the controversial plan. an amazing story in greenbelt. a shootout between the prince george's county police officer in man who tried to rob him. courtney robinson with details next. we have sunshine and mild temperatures yesterday. how about the end of the temperatures yesterday. how about the end of the
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, breaking news. a police officer lucky to be alive after an attempted robbery went wrong. good morning, washington. on this veterans day, thursday, november 11, thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. steve rudin is in the weather center with a check of the forecast. a pretty nice day. >> absolutely. sunshine and temperatures approaching 60 degrees. a chilly start to this thursday morning, 44 degrees at reagan
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national. the wind of the north-northwest and 7 miles a network. a few clouds over the delmarva peninsula. temperatures will warmth through the 30's and 40's. highs in the upper 50's and low 60's by this afternoon. tonight will be mild. temperatures will fall quickly at sunset about 5:00 into the 30's. now to lisa baden. on the beltway in maryland on the inner loop, southbound side leaving fedex field headed to andrews air force base before the pennsylvania avenue exit, two lanes are closed. emergency equipment is on the way. we are showing new quiet traffic. hov rules are lifted except for the john hanson highway. breaking news from
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greenbelt, a police officer lucky to be alive after a robbery gone vancouver. it happened along the 8500 block of greenbelt road. courtney robinson has the latest. what do you know? >> this officer is lucky to be alive. a bullet did strike his jacket, but people's nakhodka injured. it happened at this apartment complex next to the dumpster. around 12:30 this morning, the officer in plain clothes was including out of his personal vehicle and a man approached and demanded his wallet. gunfires exchanged. the man fled. police are still looking for him. they had canines earlier trying to track his ascent. the officer to lead to a hospital as a precaution, but is ok. robber. attempted
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if you have information, you are asked to call police. courtney robinson reporting from greenbelt, abc 7 news. the search is gunman who shot and murdered someone in se last night on alabama avenue. the person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. a developing story from south korea, will president obama is holding meetings with leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies, the g-20 summit. it comes amid disagreements on global trade and currency issues. mr. obama hopes they can have an unbroken and sustain jobs around. the u.s. and south korea did not reach a deal on a free-trade agreement. the president paused to mark
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veterans day, members of the military stations in south korea. >> natasha barrett is at arlington national. good morning. >> good morning. several events going on in washington. president obama is marking veterans decade on his 10-day asian tricks. -- trip. he assured hundreds of u.s. troops at the event and thousands of others serving at other overseas posts that his administration will care for them and they returne. he celebrated those who fought decades ago.tur
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>> as we look around in this thriving democracy, one thing is clear, this was victory. this was a victory then and is a victory today. while the president continues to meet with will leaders in south korea, the vice president in washington will mark the veterans day this morning at the white house with the veterans day breakfast. he will make his white arlington national cemetery for a wreath laying ceremony a couple of hours later. natasha barrett reporting from washington, abc 7 news. log on to for more. fewer homeowners or losing
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their causes. foreclosures fell 9% from september to october. it is because several major lenders have temporarily halted foreclosures. a bipartisan presidential group has ideas to reduce the deficit. not sitting well with a lot of people. some ideas include raising the retirement age, cutting social security, eliminating the tax deduction for home mortgages, and cutting 10% of the federal workforce. the chandra levy murder trial resumes on monday. yesterday the prosecutors dropped two charges against ingmar guandique, including attempted sexual. yesterday a forensic experts as
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former congressman gary condit's dna was found on her underwear at her apartment, but not at the crime scene. we will hear from his son chad on "good morning america" this morning. >> its 45 degrees. >> still ahead, a big night for brad paisley, lights, as night's country music awards. >> an alarming new report from metro. recent issues could stems from mcclear. >> an--
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i am that to the reptile discover center at the national zoo. this is a northern pines nyfix. rthern pine snake. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. 5:39. >> steve rudin is with us. >> looking at a nice spot to the thursday morning with plenty of sunshine expected in about another hour or so. get the sunglasses ready. on the other boy network, 36 degrees -- 46 degrees in
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alexandria and 45 degrees at ballou senior high school. it's 43 degrees in cumberland. 48 degrees at annapolis, md.. fredericksburg, 44 degrees. at the airports, 44 degrees with wind out of the north-northwest at 7 miles an hour. no clouds. high-pressure continue. not only for today, but for the upcoming weekend. 37-48 degrees this morning. tomorrow.-low 60's 30 degrees tonight in the mountains, 38 in the district.
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mid 60's's-low 60's- tomorrow. - crashed on the inner loop near pennsylvania avenue. -- there is a minor crash. on the 70th falls road, beautiful. and i step on 66, even at glebe road. there's rohwer westbound auglaize to sycamore street for the next 20 minutes or so. -- viers mill road work on the way to sycamore -- there is roadwork on the way to sycamore street. highlights from the country music awards and brad paisley. highlights from the country music awards and brad paisley. >> metro
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tonight at 5:00 my exclusive first look inside the new martin luther king memorial site on the national mall. we'll get reaction to the monument from one of the men who knew dr. king best, tonight at 5 o'cloc. prince george's county police searching for the gunman who shot at an off-duty officer. they exchanged gunfire after the suspect tried to steal the officers wallets. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution after his jacket was hit with a bullet. president obama paid tribute to soldiers who fought in south korea. alaska elections officials
5:46 am
are counting 90 to thousand write-in ballots. lisa murkowski quaintest a write-in campaign after losing their party's nomination to. the outcome of the race hinges on those ballots. alarming details on metro safety. the report was ordered after an accident sent people to the hospital highlights maintenance. brianne carter is live the dupont circle metro station with details. >> this was conducted by an independent consultant group that identified a number of problems that metroaccess. -- has. one of three isleton of service at this station. metro is working on that. -- one of three escalators out
5:47 am
of service. >> it is pireira to c three working at one time -- rae to see three working at one time. >> the general manager says of the major factor is of the state of the escalators and elevators is a result of many years during which then has been elected veterans to metro's all and ro's own sta ndards. >> it is not surprising that it would have malfunctions because of the volume.
5:48 am
>> the interim gm says there will continue to focus on the 580 or so escalators and over 200 elevators. the independent agency will continue to monitor the progress of metro. thank you. three teenage girls are charged with two child attacks in woodbridge. one of them "was wearing a mask. three suspects beat and robbed someone on dale boulevard last week's. there was a similar reports minutes later on donald edenfield avenue -- on darby avenue. a man wa raped a woman on la loma avenue monday night as she was taking trash to a dumpster.
5:49 am
if you recognize the suspect, contact anne arundel county police. investigators are trying to a number ofut how paychecks of prince george's county d.c. employees checks "not received. they've issued a stop payment and will deliver the checks by hand. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey has with his wife pam. just shy of 6 pounds. came into doubleclick yesterday morning around 9:37. >-- came into the world. >> we are atty geneve steve
5:50 am
rudin. >> sunrise in 58 minutes on this thursday morning,. 44 degrees at reagan national with wind out of the north- northwest at 7 miles an hour. cooler in the mountains accept 32 in cumberland, 44 degrees at dulles airport, 48 at annapolis. there's high pressure in the mid-atlantic. "the delmarva peninsula to the mid portion of the country, clear skies. there is a dense fog advisory for southeastern michigan. expect delays at the airport. mainly clear and cool for us this morning, a 37-48 degrees. daytime highs in the upper 50's or low 60's.
5:51 am
30-38 tonight. cooler in the mountains. mostly sunny and beautiful tomorrow, 59-64 degrees. sunshine for weeks and weekend. next chance of showers is tuesday, only 30%. now to lisa baden. looks good on 270, the beltway, and looks good to fairfax county on 495. picking up more customers on the. the outer loop. 66, 95, 395, the march is on to the pentagon.
5:52 am
back to you. >> thank you. you are a country music fans. did you stay up to see the lord shall? awards? >> i recorded it. >> miranda lambert had album of the year and a couple other awards. brad paisley got entertainer of the year. he's been nominated in that year sincevery 2005. gwyneth paltrow sang something from her new movie. long ♪ stay down
5:53 am
>> keith urban, reba mcintyre, carrie underwood performed as well. >> i did not know that she could sinking. and plays the guitar. >> she is interesting. she lives in england a lot. her husband is british. if you don't expect country music's. >> her husband is a member of cold-bloodplay. there is a high-school football team and there is the receiver in motion, doing back flips. penalized for excessive celebration. a sportsmanship penalty. he wwas ejected.
5:54 am
there's no fun allowed on the football field. that's a fun memory. 46 degrees on this thursday, 5:
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a scary experience for a local mother at a metro station. >> yesterday morning at the west hyattsville station, a woman was pushing a stroller onto a train
5:57 am
car in the doors closed. the child was on the train and the mother was on the platform. the train took off. >> the female train operator said, okay, but there was no concern or a motion, nothing in her voice. >> passengers huddled around the baby. someone called the operator on the emergency intercom. at the next station, fort totton, one of the passengers pushed a stroller off the train and flagged down an official. today and was reunited with the mother. a happy ending. it is nice to hear the passenger celtis helped. there's a lot more still to come in the second hour. >> a new look for washington
5:58 am
nationals, a sneak peek. >> natasha barrett at arlington national cemetery, honoring >> natasha barrett at arlington national cemetery, honoring veterans ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪
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coming up, breaking news, a police officer lucky to be alive after a robbery gone wrong.


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